About Nicaragua Volunteers

Jim and Jeanette Bausum are married and have four daughters.

Jeanette began volunteering her services as a teenager in Germany, where she helped out in a Third World Store selling Fair Trade items at a fair price. These stores helped return the profits directly to the artisans and this was an influential step in her life.

Jeanette in Guatemala '09
Jeanette, (3rd from left), in Guatemala ’09

In 2009, our oldest daughter, Anna, (then 16 yrs old), showed an interest in volunteer work and coordinated a trip to Guatemala for a group of her high school peers.

Jeanette, (far left), and Anna, (2nd from left), in Guatemala '09 with a group of volunteers from Anna's high school
Jeanette, (far left), and Anna, (2nd from left), in Guatemala ’09 with a group of volunteers from Anna’s high school

This trip led to an ongoing effort to encourage volunteering in our other three daughters; Kristina, Lisa, and Kelly. We have been successful in this effort, and each of them has spent time in South or Central America doing volunteer work, some of them multiple times.

A trip to Peru in 2011, (Jeanette, Kristina and Anna), and several trips to Nicaragua, starting in 2012 with Jeanette and Lisa have deepened our commitment to helping those in need.  Jeanette, Jim, Anna, Lisa and Kelly have all been to Nicaragua at least one time since the Summer of 2012.

Jim is a retired Soldier, currently working as a contractor. He first did volunteer work as a 15 year old in the Dominican Republic. There he helped build a church with Teen Missions International.  He has been to Nicaragua two times and participated in the work that Jeanette has fallen in love with.  He is excited to help others see what the rewards of volunteering are.



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